Fishing Lodges

Stay and Fish at New Zealand’s Best Luxury Fishing Lodges

Wildwood Lodge, fly fishing lodge, New Zealand

We have hand-picked the best fly-fishing and saltwater fishing lodges in New Zealand for you to enjoy. We will help you choose the most suitable lodge (or lodges), arrange all your bookings and help with an itinerary for your travels around the country. Or pick from one of our set itineraries – next season’s selection will be released very soon.

We offer a full personalised booking service – we’ll help you get there, book your travel and accommodation and make sure you get to fish some of the best rivers and coastline around New Zealand. These lodges all sit beautifully in the landscape, surrounded by mountains, lakes, sea, rivers or glorious vistas. Hospitality is world-class with luxury accommodation, fine cuisine and refreshing company.

When you book with us you will deal with real people throughout the process. We will answer your questions, customise your bookings, develop your itinerary and ensure everything is in place before you travel.

Fish Some Incredible Places

New Zealand has some exceptional fishing opportunities. It is known to have the best trout fishing in the world, and we can show it to you. And what better way to enjoy it than by staying nearby in an equally exceptional luxury fishing lodge. Saltwater fishing also offers many great opportunities with kingfish and snapper fishing high on the list.

Fiordland Lodge, fly fishing lodge, New ZealandAny serious fishing lodge will have all the gear you may need for a day or two on the water, access to top guides and boats, helicopters or 4WD vehicles to get you there. It’s our job to make sure you get the best of everything on your trip to New Zealand.

What We Do

We will help you choose the best lodge or lodges for your trip. We make your bookings to suit, liaise with the lodges, and provide you with the travel arrangements to get there. We can also offer suggestions for how a non-fishing partner can make the most of their stay, what options there are to fill your days if the weather isn’t cooperating, or where you may want to stay for a particular kind of fishing experience. We will prepare an itinerary for your fishing tour and can also make arrangements for groups.

Check out the lodges and itineraries or contact us with your questions. We are here to help.


Fly fish at Owen River Lodge, New Zealand