Pan-Fried Snapper with a Smoked Fish Cake and Tomato Salsa

This lovely recipe is from Owen River Lodge near Nelson, in the South Island  For the Snapper 130g – 150g snapper fillets – skin on Make sure the fish is fresh and has no scales on the skin. With a sharp knife trim the edges and ends to make a neat rectangle piece of fish, […]

The Polynesian Spa at Rotorua

  Rotorua is only an hour’s drive from Taupo and is in the heart of New Zealand’s geothermal area. It is also close to the trout fishing hot spots in the North Island. I visited the Polynesian Spa a while back now, at a time when it was one of Conde Nast’s Top 10 Spas […]

Owen River Lodge – Brown Trout Fishing Heaven

  The first in a series of Lodge Showcases – this one features Owen River Lodge in the northern South Island. The talk around the dinner table that first night was quite foreign to me – evening rise, sighted fishing, the stalking element. It made little sense as we worked our way through three delicious […]

Heading to New Zealand to Fish for Trout?

  If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand to fish for those wonderful, elusive brown and rainbow trout, you’ll want to know a little about where you’re heading. New Zealand is a beautiful country. Tucked away in the bottom left corner of the South Pacific it’s a long way from anywhere except Australia. And […]

The Fishing Traveller’s Page

Are you planning to travel to New Zealand to enjoy some great fly-fishing? Keep a watch on this page – it’s not a hard-core fishing page but one that’s talking to the fly-fishing traveller to NZ. We’ll visit some gorgeous out-of-the-way places, find some beautiful wines, some gorgeous boutique lodges and feel the sand between […]