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Why Book Your Fishing Lodge Stay Through A Travel Specialist?

Huka Lodge, luxury fishing lodge, New Zealand

Why, in this online world, would you use a bespoke travel agent like us to book your fishing travel when you can go to a lodge’s own website and book direct?

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • first and foremost we are specialists in what we do
  • we are researching fishing lodge stays in New Zealand for people all day long. So we know what’s happening out there day by day
  • we know all the good fishing lodges in New Zealand
  • we know where they are and what they are known for (good and bad)
  • and we can pull stays in several lodges together on to one well-managed itinerary so you won’t be inconvenienced by double bookings, unsatisfactory transfers, long drive times or poor travel insights
  • booking with us is as easy as sending an initial email

So let’s look at all those things in a little more depth:

We are specialists in arranging travel for people 

we have studied and graduated, gained our qualifications and come to you with a long experience in booking travel. We don’t deal with places that offer a second-rate service – I wouldn’t book my superior clients in a fishing lodge that doesn’t carry top line fishing gear for its guests, that doesn’t employ a really great chef, or offer allergy-free bedding if need be. With over 20 years in the luxury travel arena I am confident that all the properties we represent are very good at what they do, so your experience will be the best possible. We also have the backing of a nationwide travel group (in our case, NZ Travel Brokers) ensuring we get the best rates possible and are supported in best practice all the way. And we don’t charge service or booking fees for simple itinerary planning or multi-lodge bookings.

We are New Zealand fishing lodge booking specialists

– fishing lodges are by far the largest sector of travel that we work with and we are one of only a handful of people focusing on New Zealand’s amazing fishing lodges and the world-class fishing they provide. Although you might be able to book online direct it’s difficult to know the small details – will pre-dinner drinks still be served if you’re back from fishing late in the day, or can you self-drive to your chosen lodge without leaving the sealed road, especially relevant if you’re not that confident driving on the left side of the road. And, for that matter, is your rental car allowed on gravel roads anyway? We work with these smaller details every day, lodge by lodge, booking by booking, and can advise you on what you need to know for any stay. We are also New Zealanders who have lived and worked here most of our lives – we know the country and its culture intimately.

We know all the great fishing lodges in New Zealand

– New Zealand is a small country so it is quite simple for us to know the best and worst of each fishing lodge. We usually work at the higher end of the spectrum where a one night stay in a luxury lodge may cost more than a budget traveller’s entire trip. So we can easily answer questions on the finer points of each high-end accommodation – are there good local activities nearby for non-fishing partners and friends, does the lodge provide comfortable transfers, will high profile guests’ privacy be respected, is there a skilled helicopter service nearby? All these details require local knowledge and interaction with each lodge – we do this on a daily basis.

We know where the best lodges are and what they are known for

– it may sound a bit strange but people often don’t know where in New Zealand the lodge that they are booking online is located. New Zealand is a small country, yes, but it is not that easy to get around. Most international flights (except those from Australia) come in to Auckland in the North Island, with a few airlines arriving in to Christchurch in the South Island. If you’re heading to a fishing lodge away from a good-sized airport, and most are, you’ll be faced with a half to full day drive from your arriving airport. Or you connect to a smaller plane and fly to a regional airport. Some of these may only have two flights arriving in a day so your timing may not work, resulting in an extra night somewhere. Local knowledge is a big help on these issues. We can also advise the best lodges to stay in if you also want to visit a few wineries, be close to a beach or just enjoy the best trout fishing possible.

We Can Arrange Your Travel Itinerary to Suit

– if you’re planning to visit more than one fishing lodge during your trip we can pull your travel details together on to one itinerary. We’ll work with the lodges to get dates sorted, room types, fishing guides and dietary requirements arranged, and to ensure your connecting travel works well.  A drive that looks like an hour or two on the map can easily take four if the terrain is mountainous – this can be hard to determine on a map. Many main roads in New Zealand cross high ranges and plateaux, making driving tricky at night or in bad weather. Fuel stations can be far apart on these roads, or shut at night – lots of things to consider. We can arrange your international and domestic flights, rental cars, lodge transfers, fishing guides and accommodation. We can also advise on local activities or the best time of year to travel. There’s lots of detail to consider when pulling together a fishing stay in a different country.

Booking With Us is Just an Email Away

– given all the above you might think that booking a fishing stay in New Zealand will be a complicated process with so much to consider. But, no, just send us an email telling us what you want to do and when you can travel. We’ll get back to you within the day.

Email us to find out more about booking a fishing holiday in New Zealand.

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