Huka Lodge, luxury fishing lodge, New Zealand

Fly Fishing Tournament at Huka Lodge

Huka Lodge is one of New Zealand’s most desirable fly fishing destinations. But rather than a remote stay, Huka Lodge offers a high end experience right beside the beautiful Waikato River and is just a few minutes drive off the North Island’s main arterial route. Accommodation, hospitality and cuisine at Huka Lodge are all superb. […]

Fishing at Tongariro Lodge this Year

We recently received an update from Tony Hayes, founding owner of Tongariro Lodge, about the fantastic trout fishing they’ve had this year to date. At Tongariro Lodge the seasons run back to back┬ábecause the lodge is open all year round, with great fishing for most of that time. Right now they are eagerly jumping in […]

Around the North Island Fishing Lodges

I’ve just returned from a tour of some of the beautiful fishing lodges in the central North Island. Maybe not at their best in mid-winter it was still really good to visit each one and see first-hand what they offer to the fishing traveller. The great thing about the central North Island is that you […]